Secondary Glazing


There is nothing new about the principal of Secondary Glazing. Internal windows constructed from timber or steel have long played an important part in improving living and working environments. The development of extrusion techniques for aluminium, a strong lightweight and versatile material has allowed major technical advances in section designs.

The Benefits of Secondary Glazing
Secondary glazing offers a number of distinct benefits. These include significant levels of noise reduction, draft proofing, thermal insulation, improved security and safety, reduction of airborne dust into the building and, where laminated glass is specified, protection against the damaging effect of UV light. Secondary Glazing is also used within new buildings where high levels of sound insulation are required often-forming triple glazing when sealed units are incorporated into the Primary window. Secondary Glazing fitted with deep glazing rebates and anti-bandit glass can provide additional protection to vulnerable areas such as cash handling facilities, computer suites and laboratories.

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