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Safety is a very important issue, nowhere more so than within the Glazing Industry. Safety is everyone’s responsibility. The Isaacs Glass Company have the safety of all it’s Glaziers tested by an out source to a compliance level managed under the Construction Skills Certification Scheme. All our employees are IPAF + PASMA trained.

We have many Policies in place to promote safe working and safety awareness, including the use of generic and non-generic Risk Assessments and Method Statements, please contact us for policy information.

COSHH data sheets and reports are available on all our products.

We actively promote the use of ‘safe products’ at all levels, well beyond the standard requirements (subject to certain limitations). Toughened glass has a better impact resistance than annealed when impacted on the flat face and should break in a controlled way into small safe fragments. It cannot be cut, drilled etc. once made.

Laminated glass is two or more panes of glass bonded together with a PVB interlayer to form one solid unit, if broken the unit as a whole should remain stable and intact to varying degrees depending on the thickness and installation therefore offering better security protection. Toughened laminate combines the characteristics of both the above – added strength plus security. The shaded areas denote the need for safety glazing. Full details of Regulation 14 can be supplied on request.

Where only part of a glazing unit falls within a ‘critical location’ the whole of that unit must comply with BS 6206. This applies to Nos. 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 11.

Glazing in small panes: The use of annealed (non-safety) glass is permitted in small panes. These panes should have a maximum width of 250mm and an area not exceeding 0.5m2 when measured between the glazing beads (refer to Diagram 3 below). Annealed glass in a small pane should not be less than 6mm thick except in traditional leaded or copper lights where 4mm glass can be used if fire resistance is not required.

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