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The Isaacs Glass Company can supply and install all types of fire glass from a large range of manufacturers.

As we are an independent glazing organisation, we are not limited to any one manufacturer, therefore significant savings can be made when fire-resisting glass is specified.

There are two main types of fire resisting glass;

Integrity Only

Heat transmitting – this glass may be a wired product, laminate, or a combination of both, which will offer protection against flame and inflammable gases for a set period of time, dependant upon the product selected. However, it does not prevent heat being transferred to the protected side, therefore will be hot to the touch.

Integrity & Insulation

As well as containing flames, smoke and hot gases – as with integrity only products – this glass also delays the transfer of radiated heat.
Due to the vast range of fire glass now available the specifier can solve sound attenuation, privacy and/or security issues, without compromise to the fire safety of the installation.

Fire resistant glass will only provide full resistance when incorporated as part of a fire resistant glazed system, which must include the glass, glass seals, bedding, beads, frames and fixing detail. A system is only appropriate if it has already been tested and relevant test evidence is available.

We can provide a range of products from stock, which can be cut and ready for immediate installation, in both wired and non wired products. The production team can also supply a range of tapes and intumescent seals, together with mastic from stock for immediate dispatch.

Whatever your fire proofing needs, we will be able to provide a cost effective solution.

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